Why Choose Latin Exclusive?

1)    We Have an International Reputation

Latin Exclusive has been recognized internationally in the media for our unmatched quality of service and our stunning selection of properties. We have won awards and acclaim from the media as well as the endorsements of our exclusive clientele. When you choose Latin Exclusive you are choosing the company with the best reputation and a history of outstanding results in Rio de Janeiro.

2)    We Have an Unrivaled Selection of Properties

We pride ourselves on having the most luxurious properties in Rio de Janeiro. Our expansive network of local connections and the personal relationships we have built with our partners over the years has given us access to properties that no other company can match. Our exclusive portfolio makes us the only company capable of delivering the quality of results that the world’s most discerning clientele expect.

3)    We are the Choice of the Worlds’ Elite

We are the only company in Rio de Janeiro to offer properties and services which provide the quality of 5 star hotels with the privacy of your own home. We are the choice of tourist, executives, diplomats and international celebrities when they come to Rio de Janeiro. We are the only company in Rio with the patronage of such exclusive clientele.

4)    We Offer the Best Service and Support Staff
Latin Exclusive has recruited the best talent from around the world. Our reliable, efficient, international team can provide service in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Turkish. 

Latin Exclusive is the only real estate company in Rio de Janeiro with its own in-house staff team of maintenance and professionals dedicated to keeping our properties working perfectly for you.  With a full team of handpicked service and support staff you have the security of knowing our team is ready to support your every need during your stay in Rio.

5)    We are Locally Based in Rio de Janeiro

With our office headquarters located here in Rio de Janeiro we are ready to assist you at any moment. You will have access to the hand-tailored support that sets us apart as a company. With our extensive experience living in Rio and Brazil you will also have the local knowledge to ensure you have a flawless and luxurious experience in Rio de Janeiro.

6)    We have mobile application

We are the only real estate company that offers mobile application to facilitate communication before and during your stay. Through this application you can get information of your booking, what is around the property you will be staying, Rio de Janeiro, events going on and more. All in the palm of your hand for your convenience.